Messege from President

 We have established Kyoritsu Company in 1951 and started to produce for fixed carbon film resistors. Now we are providing concerning ceramic substrates with excellent service on which we have built our reputation for half a century.

  You can not visibly see our products, as they are located inside of electronic devices, such as phones, computers, liquid crystal display of TV, and control circuit of vehicles. We find out the infinite possibilities which can cause a major breakthrough in ceramic technology.
  In times of drastic change like these days, year by year there has been an increase in our customer satisfaction by fulfilling numerous requests. We think we should make efforts for technical progress or technological innovation, in order to produce our goods more functionally, more precisely, more reliable and less expensive.

  Our policy comes from “Listening carefully to our customer”, “We work together with our customer”. If you can not find the solution, you should ask for Kyoritsu”, they say.

  We are proud of our technical colleagues and our reputation in ceramic fields. We have technical knowledge and skills required to make ceramic products. Though we can not imagine the diversity of electronic devices in the future, our products continue to meet the demands of the present age, and contribute to our society more affluently.


Kengo Nishiyama